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1000 Every Door Direct Mail


Every Door DIrect Mail (EDDM) is a very effective way to reach people in your neighborhood! Whether you are a small business, a church, or a non profit trying to bring awareness of your organization or a special campaign, THIS is for you! Our experience is with the proper messaging, you can expect a 3%-5% response rate from your mailer. Make your purchase based on how many people you want to respond to your mailer! Our price includes printing only. If you want us to help you target your mailing and mail your project for you, email us and we will give you an additional quote.

Non-Profit Rates for Qualifying Churches

Since EDDM® is an official Unites States Postal Service® product, your entire direct mail outreach campaign may qualify for the ultra-discounted non-profit postage rates. This means even deeper savings, on top of the already discounted EDDM® standard rates.


You Do Not Need and Mailing List or Labels

With EDDM®, churches can reach out to every local address without having to buy any mailing list or put labels on each postcard or flyer. Instead your pieces are delivered to entire postal routes addressed as "Local Postal Customer". This means that, for the areas you wish to target, the mail carrier will put your offer into each and every mailbox on his route. As such, you completely bypass the cost and hassles of mailing lists.

Every Door Direct Mail really does make a difference for churches. Reach every local household and grow your church for less. You'll save money, reach more people, and look more professional in the process.

For additional quantities please inquire at [email protected]

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